Tailor Made Holidays VS Pre Planned Tours in New Zealand

Tailor Made Holidays VS Pre Planned Tours in New Zealand

Going on holiday is something we treasure. It takes many hours of work and a long time to save so we want to make the most of it which is why careful planning is required to ensure that your holiday is everything you dreamed it would be and not someone else’s idea of what you should do.A holiday that is planned to your requirements means you choose exactly where you want to go and what you want to see, it’s ‘tailor made’ exactly for you. When you are considering where to visit during your bespoke holiday how about having your tailor made holiday in New Zealand?Discovered in 1642 by Abel Tasman, this vibrant young country offers visitors many unique experiences not found in other parts of the world including geothermal activity, stunning scenery and native flora and fauna including the Kiwi bird that New Zealanders are colloquially known as, as well as the famous Silver Fern worn on the uniforms of many of national teams including the Rugby World Cup champions, the All Blacks.

So why choose a tailor made holiday over a pre-planned tour? One of the key reasons is of course is choice. You get to decide nearly every aspect of your holiday such as places you want to visit be it the stunning Bay of Islands, the geothermal region of Rotorua, the award winning wine region of Marlborough or the wild west coast, or perhaps all of them. You also get to choose how you get around, choose from rental car, bus, train or plane or combine several of these to suit your requirements. You’ll also be able to set the standard for your accommodation, varying it for the different destinations – a holiday park might suit you for a few days at the beach, however you might also want to mix that with 5-star accommodation at a luxury lodge in Wanaka to completely indulge. A tailor made holiday in New Zealand allows you to choose all of these things.The next benefit is flexibility. Pre-planned tours are often for set periods of time, lengths of stay as well as destinations and accommodation. Your tailor made holiday will mean you decide how long you want to holiday for and it’s all planned around that, you aren’t restricted to someone else’s timeline. You don’t need to fit your holiday around their dates, a bespoke holiday is timed perfectly for you.

One of the other benefits is inside knowledge. The company assisting you with your tailor made holiday will be well aware of events throughout the country, will have contacts and connections and will be able to assist you in attending the events that may interest you, such as A Day On The Green, which is set at a winery in Hawke’s Bay and features a veritable who’s who of international acts each year.

New Zealand Holiday – NZ is small and very beautiful. It’s one of the few countries in the world where people still enjoy being themselves. Ultimate New Zealand’s friendliness ensures that visitors’ memories are so special that they invariably want to come back.Ultimate New Zealand reflects NZ’s individuality in all we do. We offer visitors to our country more than our competitors because we believe that your holiday should be about what you want, not what someone says you should have.Personalise your visit to our country with a tailor made holiday in New Zealand.