Vacations on a Budget

Vacations on a Budget

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last year you won’t have been able to avoid the doom and gloom news about the economy. You may be wondering if you can afford to do the things you enjoy such as going on holiday. Regardless of the economy, going a holiday is something that’s important in order to explore and relax. It’s still possible to have a great holiday or a smaller budget, you just need to get more creative.If you have gone on holidays in the past, you should already have a fairly good idea of your spending pattern during such times. For your next holiday, you plan on saving money for it every month. Cutting your expenses on coffee and meals at work by even $25 a week can add up to $1,200 in a 48-week working year.So your savings don’t get mixed up or put towards other expenses you could create a dedicated online savings account. The best way to get into the habit of saving money is to deposit a few dollars every week into the online savings account. As your balance builds up, you will get more encouragement to save.

It will really make things easier if you devise a budget for your holiday. This may mean that you already have a good idea of the holiday you wish to have. Iy will be a rough plan but it does allow you to get a feel for how much your likely to require. If you create a budget at the start of each year you will find saving easier as you’ll know the minimum you need to deposit into your online savings account to hit your goal.You may already have noticed this but one of the biggest cost items when you travel is the cost of holiday accommodations. Hotel rooms are painfully expensive, so consider carefully what you really want. For most of us, holiday accommodation is somewhere we can sleep in comfort. In this case, arranging for self-contained holiday accommodation may be a good idea.With self-contained accommodation, you will be spending less for holiday accommodation and food. Providers of self-contained holiday accommodation do not have to provide a level of service as high as in hotels; this results lower rates for your booking. By cooking some meals yourself, you will be saving money for holiday activities that will add to your store of holiday memories. Australian cities and the other holiday destinations in the country have many of these self-contained holiday accommodations so you should have no problem booking one if you plan ahead carefully.

You can also consider sharing the cost of holiday accommodation with friends. Accommodations that can sleep half a dozen people do not necessarily cost three times more than those that sleep two. You can save some money if you can have family or friends to share the cost with you.To further save on accommodation rates, try scheduling your holiday outside the peak periods. For example, many Australians schedule holidays somewhere between December 26 and mid-January. This means rates will be at a premium due to high demand. But if you can arrange to go on holiday a fortnight before the peak period, you could get huge discounts since many properties will be vacant.

Article by Richard Greenwood who writes on both finance and travel as part of his role for the Click 4 Group. The Click 4 Group run a number of Australian finance comparison site to compare products such a high interest savings account [web: high-interest-saving-account] offers and they also run MakeMyStay a new holiday accommodation [web: makemystay] rentals website.